You were responsive from the beginning. I cannot say enough how wonderful it has been to work with you. You asked the right questions, understood the situation, and responded promptly. In a matter of a few hours, I was able to shift my focus to just the things we wanted to keep, with the knowledge that you would deal with the rest. And boy, did you! You were able to address the situation within days, also able to work on my behalf directly with the moving company and the building manager. And I will be forever grateful that your attention to detail caught a few things left behind.

-Piece of Mind

I continue to be astounded by your energy and cheerfulness! Tabatha was and is outstanding… I couldn’t have moved without her steadiness, ability, problem-solving and levity! She’s the best.

-Moved by Her Happiness

Tabatha saved a small yellow post-it folded in half for me out of literally 7 rooms filled with decades of paper and stuff. The post-it was the combination to the safe. The only record of the combination in existence. Tabatha truly is an amazing sorter of someone’s treasures down to 2”x 2” post-it notes.

-Delivered by the Details

As always, Tabatha not only saves my life, but makes my day. My whole family loves her!

-Adoring Fan

I needed to move out of my apartment of four years. Wondering where to start…I and I held off packing for weeks. I contacted Tabatha since I could not get started myself. I talked to Tabatha about my place but didn’t give her much direction because I didn’t really know what I wanted to keep or pack. Despite the lack of information, Tabatha went over to my place one day to start packing. I came home and was amazed at how organized and clean my place had become in about two hours. She had organized all of my vases, pictures, pillows, candles, wall art, cleaning supplies, and everything in the kitchen. Everything had it’s own place and was ready to be put in boxes. Seeing my place look so good gave me the push that I needed to start packing. I was able to give Tabatha direction about what I wanted to keep, donate, and throw away, and we worked together to pack the rest of my things. Tabatha is easy to get along with, smart, understanding, and efficient. She’s the way to go for any organizing needs.

-Mired in a Move

I am tremendously grateful for all the help. It’s not a cliche to say I couldn’t have done it without you!

-Gratefully Organized

If I had not used Tabatha in my mother and father’s 1000 sq. ft. hot and dirty attic going thru 60+ years of stuff, I would possibly still be stuck up there! She is supportive, encouraging, non-judgmental, and patient but can get it done. She has environmentally-friendly “green” ideas, so you don’t have to worry that everything ends up in the dump.

-Out of the Attic

You take chaos and turn it into calm.
She’s like my personal trainer for organizing.

-Chaos to Calm

I wanted to thank you for all the help with getting my closets organized. I was a little apprehensive about beginning this project. I knew that tackling my closet would be a challenge and with the help of Tabatha. I have to admit, I don’t easily take suggestions, but the ideas made sense and some I would not have been able to come up with myself.  We worked virtually via zoom for a span of two weeks and managed to get both my master closets organized. The experience was so positive, I have continued to purge and organize the bathroom and my bedroom. I highly recommend Tabatha, she made a daunting task fun and much easier to tackle.

-Virtual Organizing Convert

I can definitely say that it is some of the best money I have ever spent. In almost no time at all, our garage was very clean and tidy, we had more space in our master closet, and she came up with several solutions to get more storage space in our kitchen so the counters were clear of clutter, I was just overall more happy in our home.   When we moved a second time, Tabatha was there working quickly to get all our belongings unpacked and put in their proper place.  It was one of the easiest moves we’d ever done and I don’t think we spent more than half a day “living out of boxes”.  All our friends were shocked at how fast we were settled into our new home.  She took so much of the stress out of the whole process. Best of all, she’s just very friendly and fun to work with! I look forward to working with her again in the future for any organizing needs that may come up, and I’ve learned that you can’t put a price on the peace of mind that comes with a well-organized space.

-So Much Happier

Although I am quite organized in most aspects of my life I had a storage closet that went from full to unusable. I knew I could do it but didn’t for five years. With Tabatha it was finished and immaculate in four amazing, enjoyable hours. Professional is an understatement: impressive service and product. We know something because we have personal experience or someone we know and trust tells us so. In this case, someone I trust recommended Tabatha and now I know, trust me. Simply put, Tabatha is a PRO, you will not be disappointed!

-Organized by a Pro