Tabatha has always enjoyed organizing and rearranging her room(s). She learned from her mother to reuse what you can and that everything has a place. In 2011, she took a sabbatical from work to travel and during this time she developed a deeper appreciation for the concept of reusing what you already have. She decided that she wanted to come back to the Bay Area and help people reduce the clutter in their lives and increase the amount of re-use and sustainability in their homes.

She has a degree in Environmental Science and experience in the fields of Compliance, Supply Chain and Logistics, Customer Support and Project Management. Tabatha has training in the Agile method and has earned the title of Scrum Master. She is a Personal Assistant for a successful San Francisco Executive as well as a Small Business Owner. Tabatha is a member of NAPO, Green America and enjoys volunteering when she finds the time. She lives in San Francisco with her dog, Cedar “Bubba”.