Tabatha has always enjoyed organizing and changing furniture placement. Her mother taught her the importance of “Everything has its place” and the concept of re-purposing and reuse. From this, Tabatha has a deep appreciation for the Earth and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science. After working in the field as a Research Assistant and Project Manager, Tabatha decided to open ecoBubba in 2012 to assist Clients with reducing their clutter and doing it in an environmentally conscience way. She loves to reduce what goes into landfill and educate Clients on the importance of re-use and sustainability. 

Professional Education and Credentials

  • ecoBubba is a Certified California Green Business
  • Awarded San Francisco’s 10 Best Professional Organizers in 2016
  • Certified Virtual Professional Organizer
  • National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO)Member
  • NAPO Golden Circle Member
  • NAPO-SFBA Board Member 2018-2020
  • NAPO Residential Organizing Specialist Certificate 2021
  • NAPO Essentials of Organizing Certificate of Study 2022
  • Institute for Chronic Disorganization (ICD) Member
  • ICD Level II Chronic Disorganization Specialist 2020
  • ICD Level II Hoarding Specialist 2020